Why are we an organic farm?

Our purpose is simple – we want to produce meat in the best possible way. We understand ‘better’ in a broad sense – better for the consumers who eat the meat, better for the cows and calves who live on the property and better for the land’s ecosystem. sello eco 2

We receive from nature and we want nature to receive from us. That is why we try to make our farming not only organic but conscious, paying close attention to each step of this process and prizing quality above quantity. We recognize this is an endless task. We must continue learning each day, season and year.

Our work

Our inspiration comes from the land itself. “Dehesa de la Serna” is a historic 650 hectare estate 6 km away from the city Avila. The land includes holm oak forest, riverside meadows and cereal cropland.

This allows us to feed our cattle (of the limousine breed) on our land all year. All our animals, including the ones which are fattening live and graze freely on the land. In the winter they feed from the acorns in the holm oak forests, in summer they go down to the meadows. All the additional feed the cows need is provided by our own grain (barley, leguminous plants, oats) which we mill ourselves. If we are what we eat, these truly are our cows.

We farm our grain organically. We don’t use pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizer. We extend this attitude to the animals’ health which are treated with natural and homeopathic medicine.