Organic Beef

Grass, hay, forages

These animals are raised free range, in dedicated pastures and meadows on the property. Their feed, in addition to grass and hay, is complemented with cereal and legumes which are grown and milled on the estate.

Our goal is to maintain a balance between the number of animals we raise and the amount of food that our land can produce.


Our grass fed beef comes from animals that are not fed any grain. Their diet consists only of the grass they graze, complemented, in seasons when the grass grows less (summer and winter) with hay produced on the property.

These animals are raised using a system of rotational grazing. They are free range and moved on from one pasture to another in a carefully considered way, so as to allow the meadows to lie fallow and regenerate the soil.

The sale of this meat is seasonal – it is available only during the periods of high growth of the grass (spring and autumn). This completely herbivorous diet gives this kind of meat special nutritional properties.